Non-Arabic script fonts

Quikscript is an alternate script for English. While it can be written with every letter separate from each other (much like in Latin script or its predecessor, Shavian), it’s usually written with as few pen-lifts as possible, even though not every letter can connect to every other letter. the manual has notes on how to join letters on page 13.

Additionally, some letters have alternate forms to minimize pen lifts; both the “n” letter and the schwa letter have these. They can be seen on pages 14 and 15.

I’d like to support these joins and alternate letterforms in my own font, without burying myself under a pile of manually-created ligatures. “entry” and “exit” anchors seem like they would be the best tool for this. I added “exit” to the “sh” character and “entry” to the alternate “n” character, but only Firefox did what I wanted of the browsers I tested (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, IE 10).

Does anyone else have any other ideas on what to do, other than file enhancement reports with both Apple and Microsoft? The font, Abbots Morton Experiment, is on GitHub.

revolution, in Firefox, with the last two letters joined like they should

revolution, in Safari, with the last two letters separated

Thei should not need anchors. Fix the spacing and kerning and you should be fine. (There seem to be some problems with kerning in Safari, so you should try to fix it with spacing.)


As an aside, how can you tell when your font’s spacing is as good as it’s going to get without kerning pairs and groups?