Non-destructive filter rendering in Glyphs 3

Hi, I’ve been using Glyphs 3 after using Glyphs 2 Mini for some time.

I’m trying to follow the tutorial for monoline workflows:

And now it seems that quire a lot of changes mean that this tutorial is no longer up to date.

I found out how to do outline strokes (offset curve), but what I’d like to do is something similar to the outline with the Brush Nib filter and see the results in realtime without having to apply the effect.

Is this possible with Glyphs 3? And if so, how would I go about to see the rendered filter effect without having to apply it?

Glyphs 3 has live stroke widths:

Expand a path to a shape by selecting one or more of its points and entering a stroke width and height in the Stroke section in the palette.

The stroke width (W) and stroke height (H) are measured in font units. If no height is set, then the width is used for both dimensions. Below the width and height fields are controls for the stroke placement and controls for the stroke ends.

A stroke can be applied to both closed and open paths. For closed paths, select the Fill checkbox from the palette to fill the path delineated by the new outlines.

The original path is displayed in a light gray color, while the stroke outline is drawn in black. A stroke path can be converted to a conventional outline by choosing Expand Outline from the context menu.

If you need more control, look into the LTTR/INK plugin.