Non printable fonts in Office

I got a report that fonts exported in Glyphs could not be printed from Office. Basically they could use the fonts but when send to printer the fonts did not follow.

I have no more exact information yet about the matter, but will ask more questions.

However, I wanted to check if this is something known?

Sounds like a cache problem. Which version of Office, which version of Windows? Can the software in use handle OT fonts?

For Windows, a .ttf is better than an .otf with PS outlines. Perhaps you want to convert it to TTF and add an empty DSIG table (FontForge can do that).

I have seen some instances of OpenType fonts getting garbled by a printer hooked up to a Windows machine. In each case, it proved to be outdated software that could not handle OpenType fonts, e.g., SAP or Bauad. The solution was to make an oldschool, 8-bit encoded Windows TTF without any OpenType tables (esp. GSUB, GPOS, GDEF, DSIG), in either FontLab or FontForge.

Just a follow up on this. It turned out the person who tested the fonts used the…ehr… wrong fonts when testing, which is quite interesting itself.