Nonspacing Combining Marks

I have a question about non-spacing combining marks. I know Glyphs will zero-width combining marks at export by moving the LSB to the RSB. If I do it myself I can choose to set the center position of the glyph to where I want it to be.

My question is: is it good practice to to set the center at where the mark anchor is? Or is it better to give the marks LSB and RSB of 0 and let Glyphs do it at export? Or something else completely?

Thanks a bunch.

There is no really good practice. Putting them to the left (like Glyphs is doing it right now) will have then in a roughly correct place when mark positioning fails. But that is not really a problem any more.

OK thanks. I will set the L&RSB to 0 then for convenience and let Glyphs do its magic at export time.

I keep both SBs at =40, comes in handy when using them for the legacy marks.