Noodler: rounded corners or no rounded corners

Hi @mekkablue

I’m working on a monoline font where the weights are made of different strokes/stripes. Obviously using custom parameters in my instances. I first considered the ‘Offset Curve’ plugin, but Noodler gets me closer to the expected result (stripes number and thickness as Noodler parameters). So far, so good… But, there is a but. I don’t want to have the rounded corners. So I started to tweak the python script in the plugin to ‘remove’ them. I manage to get rid the corners (comment both circle endings & rounded corners), but the overlap doesn’t seem to work/apply.


  • Am I heading in the right direction?
  • Would you consider adding the option to ‘not add the rounded corners’ in Noodler?


  • Editing situation
  • The intended design
  • Noodler feature request as a photoshoped capture :slight_smile:



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tried the Inliner plugin? works more like what you need

Interesting, thanks!

Works for 1-stripe & 2-stripes weights.
But for 3 and 4 stripes it doesn’t (tried customising the parameters as in Noodler and stack standard parameters but is screws the outlines).


I might add that to the Inliner then
Update: just did.


Oh yeah! Fantastico! How can I repay you? Beer, coffee, Swiss cheese or chocolate?

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glyphcoin ™ launching soon :wink:

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