.notdef glyph instead of space when printing

Probably worth trying to ask Fontself support? :grinning:

One thing I’ve noticed about Fontself is that they treat unicode differently :slight_smile: Hence, some discrepancies between how the font comes out from Fontself and how Glyphs treats it. My advice (not that you’ve asked haha) would be delete the characters in question and add them again in Glyphs.
You’ve asked about font validation. There is OTMaster by Dutch Type Foundry but it is a complex tool and I’m not sure you’ll ever need the whole thing. Also FontBook has a validation tool but it won’t catch missing characters.

Thank you @elena, I appreciate your help !

I’ve asked some questions about Fontslef a few months ago using their forum, but it is far not as reactive and useful as this one !

OK I’ll try to delete the space char and to create a new one in Glyphs > it is not risky ?

Regarding the font validation, OTMaster seems very “pro” and complex, indeed, I will see what Foot Book tells me. I also discovered MS Font Validator but I don’t know how to install/use that kind of Githhub stuff… Is it worth it ?

Everything’s fine acording to Font Book :slight_smile:

No idea! I’m not very technical unless i really need to :upside_down_face:

I tried to delete the space char, creating a brand new one, but it doesn’t change anything about that annoying .notdef char !… :roll_eyes: