Notes not working

Hi guys,

2.5 (1131). Notes are not working. I cannot add a note to a glyph.


You mean the NotesPallettes plugins? They should work. Do you have the latest version?

My mistake. Annotations tool is not working.

It works for me. Can you do a screencast?

I am sending a screencast by email.

To add a note or annotation, you need to select the corresponding button in the info box and then click in the edit view.

Haha! I have been using Glyphs for so long and I think I know how it works. The tool has stopped working. I sent you a screencast. Clicking on the glyph does not do anything.

To make it more interesting it is not working in both 2.4.4 (1075) and 2.5 (1131). It is probably something local because it is happening only on my iMac and not on the Mbp.

Did you select the “T”