Nudging handle changes angle

When moving a handle with Option Up/Down the handle extends along its original angle, however, moving a handle with Option Ctrl Up/Down (nudging mode) the handle moves freely and doesn’t retain the original angle…it feels like it is treating the smooth (green) node as corner (blue) node.

Not sure why the behaviour changes for nudging because both Up/Down and Option Ctrl Up/Down maintain the original angle. Seems like it should have the same behaviour as Option Ctrl Up/Down when moving handles of either blue or green nodes.

Is this how the feature is supposed to work or a bug?

Version 2.6.6 (1344)

Nudging means that you move one or more points freely and the surrounding ones are adjusted. Not sure what it should do if you move just one handle. We will discuss.

At the least, it should retain the original angle.

(Thinking out loud)
Should the handle on the other side of the curve segment change too, similar to what happens with Fit Curve?

I also wonder about the behaviour when a green node has two handles, and nudging one handle automatically moves both handles and sets a 50% 50% proportion. Moving handles symmetrically is very handy features but seems unexpected while using nudge…maybe they both change and retain the same ratio? and maybe an additional modifier can be used to make symmetrical?

Ah, wait a minute. Ctrl-Opt dragging a handle is not nudging. It is already reserved for symmetric handles on either side of the on-curve node between them.

I had forgotten about that, I hardly use that function.