Number of Axes more than 6 bugs

Does Glyphs 3 support more than 6 axes? I can create more than 6 axes in the info panel. But in the masters and export panel when I enter data for more than 6 axes in the masters or in the instances, none of the data is saved and is lost when I reopen for axes beyond 6. Before saving and reopening some of the axes seem to work, but not as expected, perhaps not with substitutions?

Six axes seem to be supported in Glyphs 2, but in the past substitutions didn’t work beyond the first two axes. Does Glyph 2 now support substitutions beyond the first 2 Axes. Are substitutions beyond the first 2 Axes now supported in Glyphs 3?

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You need to switch the file to version 3 in Font Info > Others. I’ll add a warning.