Number values, only in OT?


I think that being able to use Number Values also while drawing would be cool. I am thinking about specifying superior, numr and dnom y offsets. Making .case alternatives only by position is not supported everywhere (Affinity expects .case feature having only sub commands, pos commands were ignored), so it’s always safer to make a new glyph for .case alternatives. This is where this would come very handy too! Sorry if it already exists, but I didn’t find a mention of that anywhere and can’t use it intuitively. Intuitively setting y of a component to =superior_y_offset (value set in Master’s number values) didn’t work.

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You mean you like to put =superior_y_offset into the coordinate field of the component? That is an interesting idea.


Yes, I think FontLab has it like that

Is this possible yet?

This would be also helpful if Number Values could be used for setting sidebearing and widths (in some cases).

Instead of referencing it random glyph (=H), it would be more descriptive to reference a Number Value (=uc_straight).

If it is or can be implemented…would it be possible to have Global and Local options so if there are multiple masters which share the same values, then these can be set and accessed from one location (Font level? or Master level with Global option?)

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