Numbers and Periods on a New Line List

I have looked at number lists of other fonts and their periods after a number are always aligned.

All my numbers have a spacing of 50 left and right
My periods have a spacing of 100 left and right.
So in total they should have a spacing of 150.

If this is the case, why are my periods not aligning vertically?

What happens if I want the period and number spacing to be different if used as a list vs. as a period?

Is the total width value of each number the same? For tabulating numbers, they must be the same.

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Oh…they are not. Just found out what tabulating numbers are. I was just using regular numbers.

So if a person clicks are bullets/numbering on a software, tabulating numbers are used?

Do most fonts have different number styles for tabulating and or regular? Guess, I never noticed this.

I can’t say what happens with different softwares that offer lists or bulleting, such as found in MS Word. If a font does not have tabulating numbers as part of the character set, then they can’t be used. Whatever is there is used.

Text fonts usually have tabulating numbers and display fonts frequently don’t. That is up to the person who designed the font. No particular rule applies.

Tabulating numbers are achieved by the designer with LSB + glyph width + RSB. Merely having equal sidebearings does not make them tabulating. Don’t kern numbers to anything, either, except perhaps in a font that is strictly a display design.

Numbered lists often use right-alignment (justification) on the number column, whether or not tabular numerals are used.

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