Numbers don’t work on windows

Hi all

I make a font with glyphs
When i export the font it works ok with programmes on mac
but on windows the numbers don’t work

Is there a special setting i must make to work well with windows ??
Or where is the problem??

Thanks in advance


How do you test? In Word or another Office app? Typing? What exactly do you type?

Taking a guess: Make sure your glyph coverage contains at least Win 1252, especially all the quotes. It is most likely not the figures, but another character that does not have a glyph in your font. Office software will switch to (and continue in) a fallback font if you try to type something that is not in your font.

It don’t work on any app on windows ( word or adobe apps)
Sometimes its turn to another font
And sometimes it get empty space instead of the number

The font is still not complete
Just i make all arabic letters and numbers
I don’t make any punctuation yet

Out of curiosity, how do you know the figures are not working if you are not testing in an app?

If the font is not complete, it may be better to test in a web browser.

@mekkablue i make export for the font and install it on windows fonts
And test it

In mac every thing is ok
But in windows the numbers don’t work when i type it

Again, in which app are you typing and testing the font?

Microsoft Word

Does it work with a complete Win1252? You can create them by right-clicking on Filters > Win1252 in the left sidebar of the Font tab (Cmd-Opt-1).

It doesn’t matter if the glyphs are empty. What’s important is that they are there. That will prevent Word from switching to a fallback font.

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Thanks @mekkablue for help
You are right :ok_hand:

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