Numeral metrics

What’s your approach for dealing with numeral one?

Monospaced numerals keep them neat for presentation of data, while independent spacing works best for numbers in isolation.

I’ve seen fonts use open type features so both are available, but my feeling is this would be missed by the majority.

Of course the other way to go is to add slabs to fill out the space better, but I do prefer it without them.


“The majority” that misses the tabular figure option, will also miss the kerning option. If you design for the people who know and care instead of those who either don’t know or don’t care, your work will be of more value than if you aim at the least common denominator.


Thanks @Dezcom

I was searching the forum for numeral metrics which is why I couldn’t find any info. For any other newbie that lands here I should have been looking for proportional vs tabular figures.

Glyphs tutorial:
Forum topic: Tabular figures // period, comma,
Monotype article:

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No problem. It can be hard to find the best search terms.