Numeral sets naming

I have five numeral sets and I need another one, so I need an advice about naming.
For now I have those:

  1. The default set / proportional lining: zero.slashed zero one two &c
  2. Tabular lining: &c
  3. Proportional OS: zeroslash.osf zero.osf one.osf …
  4. Tabular OS: zeroslash.tosf zero.tosf one.tosf …
  5. SC (default / lining): …

So, what is the right / recommended suffix for the Lining Tabular SC set?

.tsc maybe?

Then you have a small cap version of the tabular lining figures. and it is not as the tnum feature comes first.

Danke Georg,
I think I’m still a bit cautious / skeptical about two dots in the names.

Ermin, Glyphs work great with two dots (suffices). It is a perfect and simple solution for situations where you need to apply two features. Glyphs takes care about the OT code automatically.

For instance:
I.smcp + ss01 = I.smcp.ss01

Do you have more elegant solution?

(Be careful with the suffix order.)

Filip, we have a long tail from FL, I know.

I already use two dots separation an it is for ss sc,
so I have no more elegant solutions and yes, it works really well.
It is first time I’m doing both sets of sc numerals and
I checked the naming convention.