Numerous display issues

  1. When I open one glyph, not the whole of edit view is shown (i.e. there’s grey surroundings) and position is not in the centre. It goes back to normal after scrolling or zooming, but it’s still a strange initial state.
  2. In instance tab of font info, you can choose glyph width options from popup. SemiCondensed is not spaced whereas others are.
  3. Fix Compatibility filter window always gets window height wrong and the first thing I do every time is to resize it. Could you fix that please?
  4. From master tab in Font Info, you can add masters from other fonts. In that dialogue window, you see masters from its own file, which I find unnecessary and annoying. If I want to duplicate a master within the file, I can already do it. Could it only show masters from other files?
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I could reproduce that in an earlier version but changed some things that fixed it for me.

That would be a bigger operation as the value is written to the file as it is in the popup (I know).

I have a look at the other two issues.

  1. The Transformation panel (interpolation and metrics tab) is not adjusting window size.
  2. More than just visual issue. When you delete an outline, off-curve nodes that you forgot to select remains. For example, draw a circle, deselect some off-curves, and delete. You see that they still remain and try to draw a shape. They cannot be “completely” deleted with Tidy up Paths function (it deletes some of it every time you run).

Both are fixed now.

  1. The grey box is not fixed in the latest version.
  2. When you delete a non-master layer in RTL edit view, the glyph will disappear. Alternatively, delete one in LTR, then switch to RTL, which will also remove the glyph from the view. Vertical mode is safe.

Fixed the RTL problem.

In Edit View, I need to type “96 pt”, precisely with space and pt at the end. Could you make it accept “96”, “96pt”, and “96 pt”? And maybe “px” as well? I know it doesn’t mean the same but it’s probably better to accept it as pt anyway; getting dialogue is more annoying.

Now you can type 96 without the pt. thanks for the reminder.

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Resizing the Layers accordion on the sidebar hides part of its contents.

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that is a known problem. I’ll fix it.

Find Glyph dialogue in Edit View shows glyphs upside down. (2.4.1)

I can reproduce this only for the system font preview of empty glyphs, see below. Does it happen for you with other glyphs as well?

No, only the empty ones. Drawn glyphs are fine.

Another problem: I think the palette used to remember which section was open or closed in older versions, but now it seems to fully open every time I open a new window.