Observations after working on a big, complex project (G2)

After a year working on a big, complicated Burmese project (8 masters, 1200+ glyphs), I’ve compiled a list of bugs and suggestions. I’m on MacOS 12.0.1 and Glyphs version 2.6.7 (1357) which tells me it’s the most recent version.

  • ‘copy glyph names’ in main font view doesn’t work, that makes a huge amount of work when wanting to make a glyphOrder.

  • please allow user-defined colours for UI elements. In particular, the transformation/selection bounding box and the fit curve dialogue are nearly invisible on my external 4k screen.

  • likewise, increasing the size of UI elements (depending on screen resolution/size) would speed things up. The type size and clickable area are very small and need very precise clicks to enter text.

  • master icons sometimes disappear:

  • using the knife tool to cut outlines changes the start point. If I chop off a terminal that’s too long and delete the unwanted part, I then have to check where the start point was and move it back there to maintain compatibility with other masters.

  • ‘add extremes’ and ‘force extremes’ don’t always find extremes. Red arrows plugin does find them, so this needs to be turned on and then we have to go around the outline adding nodes where the red arrows are.

  • If a path’s first node is not at an extreme (e.g after slanting or rotating) and then it’s deleted the first node becomes one of the offcurve handles:

  • zooming in >1000pt hides kerns in text mode.

  • when using ‘transform’ with background to interpolate, the input field doesn’t have focus (except the very first time we open that dialogue box) so requires an extra click every time we want to change value.

  • the sidebar’s slant function doesn’t match a guideline at the same angle. Here I slanted the line 10º and then compared with a guideline at 80º. The amount of error can be 2-3 units sometimes.

  • alt-deleting handles to remove curves doesn’t do the job properly:

Thx @Bendy for that list! There’s a lot in there that I’ve noticed myself, that also bother me, but never took the time to hit the forum with.

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That is fixed in Glyphs 3. This is a problem with macOS 12.

Can you take a screenshot and also take a picture with a real camera of the issue?

Again can you take a picture with a camera with a ruler so that the physical size of the UI can be determined. How big is your screen? And do you use it in standard or retina resolution?

Fixed in Glyphs 3.

good point

Do you have an example?

Slanting and rotating produces a different result. Same as slanting 10° twice is different than slanting 20° once.

What do you expect to happen?

That is actually already fixed in the Glyphs 2 code. Just need build a new version.

Do you still support Glyphs 2? I get no selection bounds on Monterey so if you can fix it, that would be great!

Can you check “Show Bounding Box” setting in the View menu?

Damnnnn, for years I didn’t know you can turn it off, so didn’t even think of checking the menu. Of course that’s it, thank you!