Odd bug

Here’s an odd bug…
I opened a font last week and the “e” was missing. I thought I overlooked it. I was busy and didn’t have a chance to work on the font so I left it fallow until today.

Now the “e” is back but the “p” went missing. I know I created a “p” (I know I created an “e” too). I closed the font, reopened and now they are both back.

Maybe they went somewhere to be alone. Seriously though, the above did happen.

What version do you have?

If it happens again, can you check if the “missing” glyphs show up in the “Other” category?

Looks like Version 1.3.7 (340). I get it from the App Store.

And that’s why you’re the genius…they did indeed show up in Other both in the list Other view and graphic Other view.

Seems like it’s doing this behavior every time I open Glyphs, albeit a different letter(s) every time.

Note that you can type the missing letter(s) just fine.

Can you select this letters and do Font Menu > Update Glyph Info?

Yep. that fixed it for the open font. I closed the font, reopened the font and it’s fixed when reopened.

Good to know the fix.