Odd preview error, i think?

this odd points display, and I thought it might be a bug.

I’m running Glyphs on a late 2012 MacBook Pro with a Retina display, but I work with it closed, from a bluetooth keyboard and trackpad, and have its video output hooked up to an older Apple monitor, which is not Retina.

this is the apple display I’m using: Apple Cinema Display 23-Inch (Aluminum) Specs (Aluminum, M9178LL/A, A1082): EveryMac.com

oh, I forgot to mention: when I touched those points they stayed there—but when I moved them and then moved them back, they showed up on the corners of their paths, where they should be.

It is the grid snapping. The point display is not rounded to the grid yet in this situation, perhaps right after path offsetting.

yes, this is immediately after a path offset.

are you saying this is not considered an error? or that it is, but the root of it is understood?

The outline is always rendered with the grid settings. This is important for corner components.
The bug is not the preview but that an operation does leave the nodes off the grid. Yoi did use the offset paths filter?

i did use offset path, yes.

so if points are rendered off-grid, and paths automatically snap, does this mean paths will export on-grid even if i don’t touch the points? that’s what I’ve been seeing in testing, but verifying that’s correct.

(I’m trying to make sure I follow your thinking in using this.)

On export the grid is always enforced.

perfect. thank you!