Oddly tall cursor after export

Hey! I’m completely brand new to this program and to font-making in general. I started this because I needed to modify an existing script font with different cap sizing and smaller ascenders/descenders. I did so by editing the characters in illustrator and then pasting them into glyphs. Everything seems to be working great in the program when I preview it, everything’s aligning and everything. The issue is that when I bring it into a program like Photoshop, the cursor is about a hundred feet tall. The sizing seems normal when I’m in Glyphs Mini, so I have no idea what’s going on. Any thoughts?

Also let me know if more screenshots or information would be helpful!

Maybe it is a font installation conflict, looks similar to this problem:

Thanks I’ll try out what’s mentioned in that post!

I am a bit confused by the conclusion though – even if installing the font in the test folder solves the issue, what does that mean for anyone I want to share the font with? They can install all their other fonts via FontBook, how do I export a font from Glyphs Mini in a way that it acts like other fonts and is installable through FontBook?

As far as I know installation conflicts might result in font cache problems, which are causing strange behaviour of installed fonts. This tutorial explains how to get rid of it:

Cursors in Adobe apps indicate the actual font bounding box. That means that you have a glyph that actually goes that low somewhere in your font.

You can try the mekkablue script Test > Report highest and lowest glyph to find out which one. Get the scripts here: https://github.com/mekkablue/Glyphs-Scripts/