Offset Curve Flattening

When I’m off setting a curve I’m noticing that the inner curve is getting flattened. It works fine if I set it to -100% but that’s not optimal for my workflow. I didn’t seem to have the problem in Glyphs 2. What am I doing wrong?Screen Shot 15

Try setting Position to 50 %. That will distribute the curvature by equal amounts.

But why doesn’t 100% work?

It does, but it distributes maximum curvature to one side and minimum curvature to the other side. 50 % splits equally and 0% does the opposite of 100 %.

Sorry, but something is wrong. At the end of the day I want to work from the outside in.

Here’s my curve in Glyphs 2.

Here it is in Glyphs 3.

And here in Glyphs 3 at 50% per your suggestion.

I’ve brought this up before. I really hope this gets fixed since it feels like a step backwards form the nicer results in Glyphs 2.

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Any update on this?
I would like to know if this is being fixed or if the way it is is the intended behavior.
in this screenshot I have Glyphs 2 on the left and Glyphs 3 on the right.
Top: 80pt circle with 120 stroke on outside
Middle: 200pt circle with 120 stroke on center
Bottom 320pt circle with 120 stroke on inside
Right S with 120pt stroke on center

You can see the Glyphs 3 strokes have too much tension on the inside curves. An offset circle on the inside should still be a circle. The results are the same with the live stroke and Offset Curve filter.


Here’s the outline view.

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