Offset Curve problem at small sizes

Hi All

I’m trying to add a 0.01 hairline around my paths (to ensure there is a tiny overlap on a multi-layered font). I’m planning to add this as a custom parameter but wanted to test if first using the Filter tool.

Instead of expanding around the whole shape as expected, the filter seems to twist the expansion instead. You can see this in a 0.1 example.

I’ve set my grid spacing to zero incase the numbers were being rounded but this doesn’t help.
Am I missing something?


Interesting, thanks for pointing that out. Happens only with straight lines. We will look into it. As a workaround, choose an overlap of at least 0.36 units.

But why the overlap in the first place?

Thank you.
I’m concerned that even if the alignment is 100% perfect, users might still get a tiny white crack when printing, depending on the size and rasterisation.
Do you think this is possible?

Your concern is right. But the 0.01 unit overlap will not solve the problem. You need at least 1 unit if not much more.

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OK. I’ll go with that, Thanks very much for the help!