Offset Curve Settings

It used to be the way that all settings (horizontal/vertical/position etc) were remembered for every existing master.
For example, you do Light master with the settings 10-8-50, then you switch to Bold master and do Offset Curve with settings 80-74-50. Then, when back to Light master, the setting for this master are still 10-8-50 while going back to Bold would have 80-74-50.
Now, only the latest settings are remembered. So you need to enter parameters every time you need to use the Offset Curve filter once you swap to another master.
Is it supposed to be this way or it is glitch that it possible to fix?

This works fine for me. is it possible that you switch the master by selecting the layers in the layer panel?

Nah, I’m switching them properly from the top of the window :-/ I’ll do a screencast tomorrow to show

Here is the video
You can see that when I’m back to the 1st master and applying Offset Curve it shows the previously used settings for the 3rd master, not for the 1st one
Any ideas how to fix this?

It’s healed itself. I can only guess why this did work. Perhaps, not enough memory to remember settings? I had quite a few font files opened at the same time.
Strangely, it didn’t happen just once. It was bothering me for quite a while…
Unless of course you’ve fixed something in the latest update