Offset Preview Bug?

Hi! Is there a way to preview just the selected path? My preview show all paths as bold preview, which is not very helpful. Even the glyphs next to the glyph I’m working on become bolder. Is this intended or a bug?

You activated View > Show Preview Offset. Deactivate it again.

Hm. What do you mean? First I used Filter>Offset Curve on a random path to “set up” (no better word, sorry) the Offset Preview (View>Preview Path Offset) as described in the manual chapter 2.10.3.

Next, when I’m activating Preview Path Offset with only one open path selected it shows the result pictured above. Is this intended result?

It would be helpful if only the selected open path would show the preview. Because I want to compare the selected open path with the stems (closed paths) I already drew.

Since it is a View option, it applies to everything you see.
If you want to preview only one glyph, simply run the filter.

I see. The advantage of the Preview Path Offset is, that you can work on a path while the bold preview is visible.
Thanks for the help, mekkablue

I think I’ve brought this up before, but this is why I’d like to be able to only preview open paths.

Could be done with a plugin. But mind you, it would not be a preview of what the filter does.

The Offset Preview is pretty helpful, and has been improved in the recent Beta updates;
Though, the only thing which can be abandoned :point_right: is to have it not working on the Background paths; (Particularly when Show Background is needed to be turned on) as it bothersome drawing with single-line paths.

I checked again, and View > Show Preview Offset does work just as well in the background. Or do you mean when Show Background is on, the light grey paths should be expanded as well?