Old license and new computer

I wanted to ask you for help. I’ve bought new computer and I already payed for license (Glyphs Mini 2) on my old computer. When I started using the new one I drag the license on Glyphs application and it worked. But lately I need to transfer some old data and Glyphs failed. Every time I tried to drag the same license and do the same thing I did before It says “Please check the file permissions of the folder ~/Library/Preferences and its subfolders” I tried everything and It doesn’t worked.
Can you help me please?
Thanks a lot!

Is Glyphs Mini in the Applications folder?

Yes, I think so…

Are you not sure?

Switch to Finder, choose Go > Go to Applications (Cmd-Shift-A) and look for Glyphs Mini in the list of applications. is it there? Double click it there, and keep that app in the Dock.

And why do you drag the license on the app again? You only need to do this once. What does it say when you choose Glyphs Mini > Registration…?

Yes, I am sure It’s in application folder. And I know I need to do this only once, but I wanted to replace my old data from old MacBook to the new one and when I used external ssd disc it deleted my account on Mac (with Glyph app where I used the license) and from this moment it doesn’t work…
And when I open Glyphs mini app and go to registration it says “not registered to 1st January 2021”

That sound like you have bad permissions in the preferences folder. That can happen with restore or upgrade operations like this.

Ok, but please do you know what should I do with it?

today I upgrade macOS to Big Sur, tried again to use my license and it finally works!