On altering glyph order in font view

After exporting from a .vfb in Fontlab 5 and opening the resultant Glyphs file in Glyphs 2, the glyph order is completely messed up in a seemingly random order. I read the page on reordering glyphs (Alter the Glyph Order in Font View | Glyphs), however, it seems to warn that doing so is for experienced users, whereas I am new to Glyphs. Plus, I unfortunately do not understand the instructions there.

It seems the most appropriate would be “Intermediate: Custom Parameter,” but I lack an idea of what the parameter would be. And I note that new Glyphs projects already show glyphs in a more useful manner than the exported file does. It’s important I figure out an efficient solution, as I’ve upwards of three hundred such files.

Thanks in advance for any help.

There are two ways of doing this if you want to preserve the glyph order.

More forceful way is to put the glyphOrder custom parameter: Go to Font Info (command+I or top left icon of your font) > Font tab, and you can find “Custom Parameters” and + button on the right. Click it and you’ll find & add it. Once added, you enter the value (it’s a glyph name list, and one glyph per line).

If you are okay with less permanent option, you can make a list filter. That’s in the bottom left corner (…) button of your Font View. Add List Filter and dump the glyph name list there (same format, one per line). This order of glyphs is only visible when you choose the list.

Thank you, Tosche, for your helpful (and fast) reply. I went with a list filter to start, and it worked perfectly. I’ll try both to learn more.

What glyph order do you like to see and what do you get in the Font View? Normally Glyphs sorts the glyphs but you need to trigger it (e.g. by selecting one glyph and run Glyph > Update Glyph Info).