One of the masters seems larger in size when saving as VF

I am facing an issue after creating an additional (regular) master from one of the interpolation points: This master appears significantly larger in size when saved as a variable font in Adobe programs and online testing instruments, compared to the other masters. The vertical metrics of this master are correct, and the height in pixels is also accurate. I have set custom parameters in all masters (such as typoAscender, typoDescender, etc.), but it did not help to resolve my issue. Everything works fine when saved as a common TTF/OTF without variable function.

Is this indeed defined as a master in your glyphs file? Can you show the setup of your masters?

Sure, here is the .gif of them all

It would be great if that setup worked in variable fonts (or at least if Glyphs took care of correcting it on export…), but so far you need to place a master on each intersection or corner of a grid of axes coordinates.

Glyphs is supposed to be able to export that. I just tired it and found a bug. So the next update of 3.2 will fix this.


In my experience you would need to add 4 more masters — Condensed, Thin, Black, Wide. Otherwise there are constant interpolation problems, either in the entire master or just in some individual glyphs. But that is just my experience from earlier versions of Glyphs.

Also, I would rename that Thin and Black masters to Thin Wide and Black Wide

Not necessarily. With the fix in the next version you don’t.

And without that “middle” masters technique, I would remove the Regular and have “Regular Cond” and “Regular Wide”.

Will it add the missing masters or somehow else? Curious in terms of the file size.

I had the same thing. It’s the wrong number of masters or their description. I guess this is yet to be sorted out somehow in the future with AVAR. In Glyphs everything seems fine but after exporting VF everything starts to fall apart at some point on the axis. The problem occurred mainly because even though I had no problem with interpolation my design space looked like the one on the screen. After adding masters with the right description, the problem disappeared.

You’ve got a different setup from the one in discussion. You don’t have a rectangular design space to begin with. The setup in question is one with a rectangular “outside”, where you add one master somewhere in the middle of the rectangle.