One of the older scripts

G2 [760] OS X 10.10.3

Running this script:
Copy Layer to Layer Protocol:

Processing ampersand

  • Cleaning out paths in target layer
  • Copying paths
    object of type ‘NoneType’ has no len()
  1. Is the last line a serious error message? It appears to work for copying paths.
  2. Can an additional layer or two be added? Currently it is just one layer to one layer.
  3. Can it be modified to copy the widths of the selected glyph(s) also?

Probably not. If you send me the glyphs file, I can take a look.

What exactly do you want to do? Copy the same source layer to more target layers?

Yes, with the Include Metrics option. If it doesn’t show for you, please update the scripts.

Yes, copy it to one or more layers at the same time. This would be most useful when copying pi characters or other geometric shapes that one wishes to include in all weights but there are no (or limited) weight changes to be made.

So perhaps instead of one single target layer, an option would be “All Layers”.

This script already exists. It is called Fill up empty layers. I’ll think about merging the two.

Will Fill Up Empty Layers copy only selected glyphs or does it copy the entire layer?

I hadn’t opened it in a long time, but it is not what it used to be, and it has already merged into Copy layer to layer. So I will remove it.

Best shot is to use Copy layer to layer with the Keep window open option, and then switch through all target masters, and click the button for each one.