Only right kerning pairs in kerning window in 2.3

Kerning Window in Glyphs 2.3 (885) displays only righthand kerning pairs, but not lefthand kerning pairs. So difficult to copy kerning. Happens this only to me or is it bug?

What are lefthand kerning pairs?

sorry, the other way around. Anyway, it shows only one side of the character’s kerning. For instance letter “A”, it shows only OA, TA, VA etc., not AO, AT, AV. The kerning is in the font, but just the kerning window doesn’t display it.

I cannot reproduce it, at least:

Can you send us the file to support at…

He was filtering for ‘A’. That displays all X-A pairs bit not the A-X pairs. I‘ll look into it.

Ah, sorry Ludwig, I totally didn’t get it. Better luck next time :slight_smile:

my fault, I did not express myself well.