OPEN all kerning locks


I’ve seen tons of questions and answers relating to CLOSING all kerning locks, but I would like to know if there is a way to OPEN all kerning locks.

I have a hand-lettered typeface and I started off using kerning groups, but as I go along working on my alternate forms and ligatures I’m finding I actually have more exceptions than non-exceptions and would like to just open all kerning locks because I find I’m forgetting to manually open them and then messing up my previous pairs that way.

Hope someone has an idea of how to fix this!

Are you sure you can’t improve your spacing before you add to many kerning pairs?

It’s a script typeface with a few letters that intentionally do not connect. My spacing is great throughout for where the script letters connect and even for the majority of letter pairs in the standard A-Z and a-z range, but for a few places where I have two non-connecting letters together, I need to kern those. And because I have about 200 ligatures that incorporate those but each one is individually hand-drawn to be different from one another on purpose, the kerning groups are turning out to be creating more work for me instead of alleviating work.

So for example, I have all of the following 37 ligatures with non-connecting letter f:

a_f b_f c_f e_f f_a f_b f_f f_f_i f_h f_i f_k f_l f_n f_o f_o_r f_r f_s f_t f_u f_v g_f h_f i_f j_f k_f o_f p_f s_f t_f t_h_f u_f v_f w_f x_f y_f z_f a_f.001

but each one of those ligatures is individually hand-drawn and so none is spaced quite the same as the others and none should really be in a kerning group together.

So I suppose an alternate question is this: Is there an easy way to remove all kerning groups from a set of selected glyphs?

In Font View, select the glyphs, click in the left or right kerning group field (in the glyph Info Panel in the bottom left), overwrite the existing group with a space, then delete. Done.

OK great - thank you!