Open Corner too large (819)

The resulting segments of Open Corner (one node selection) is too large compared to previous behaviour. Reconnect Nodes seems fine.

can you show an example. I didn’t change the code recently.

I’ve just noticed it happens on specific files. I’ll send one.

The size of the corners depend on the stem settings in font info. Maybe you don’t have stems or on very big one?

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Yup, that rings a bell. The file I was working on is an old one converted from something else, and has stem values of 1000 and 1000.

Thus it varies in the same Glyphs file in between Masters.
For example if you clone a Master and change the weight settings, but the path in all glyphs were not altered yet; it happens that Open Corner behaves differently on the same node from one Master to another.
Tosche, I’m not sure it is a big issue though

I do not think this is a big issue. I normally leave stem values empty anyway, and normally stem values aren’t big enough for an opened corner to become a problem. It has to be said though, I could not identify the cause of the problem. The handbook does not mention how or if the size of the opened corner changes.