Open corners & Make node first master-wide?

I’d find super useful to be able to apply “open corner” and, why not, “make node first” to all masters at a time. As they’re compatible :wink: it should work isn’t it?

The only time I find myself needing to “make node first” is when Glyphs doesn’t have the outlines compatible.

right, so let’s talk about “open corner” only

That would be the task of a script:

thisGlyph = Glyphs.font.selectedLayers[0].parent
pi = 0 # path index
ni = 1 # node index
for thisLayer in thisGlyph.layers:
    thisNode = thisLayer.paths[pi].nodes[ni]
    l.openCornerAtNode_offset_( thisNode, 10.0 )

I’ve put this code into Macro panel and ran it but nothing happens

Well, you will have to adjust it to your needs. This script just opens the second node of the first path. It is a sample for writing your own code.

hmmm I write this, click RUN but nothing happens…

BTW why have I to use a custom script? Both opening a corner on 1 or all masters makes sense (even more on all masters then only one).

We had a few operations (and still have) that act on all masters. But they are a bit dangerous, especially if you hit undo later and change stuff that you don’t see…

I wrote a script that tries to open the same corner on every layer:

thanks, this argument makes sense

The script works, thanks a lot!
But is it normal Macro window gives no output when I write print “hello” and then run it?

No, that should output hello in the lower half. Perhaps try adding a newline at the end of your line.

nope, nothing happens :frowning:

Which OS, app version?

Version 2.3b (856)

Have you tried restarting or logging out and back in?
Or resizing the separator line to force a redraw?

Got it, I had accidentally activated the option in preferences (use system console for script output). A Glyphs’ restart is needed after changing this option to see results.