Open OTF Oddity

When opening an OTF (generated by Glyphs) full of floats, the points are positioned with floating points precision, but the outline is drawn rounded to integers. Points are displayed inside and outside paths. Strange, I think…

The black outline is drawn where it would according to the current grid settings. The grid is set to 1 by default. Set it to zero and it will match the nodes again.

It is strange that the grid is set to 1 after opening an OTF with floating precision :slight_smile:

especially because grid setting is a property of the font, thankfully :slight_smile:
But there is a glitch, I think.
After opening the OTF there is no black outline at all, just a green outline, and additionally free floating points, without a line between them. When I set the grid to zero as you recommended, I get to see the black outline, without points, but rounded to the grid! And also the green outline, with the points, not rounded to the grid. Quite confusing. After saving a Glyphs file and opening it again, everything looks fine, just one outline.

Can you post screenshots of the different stages?

Left: opened OTF.
Middle: after setting grid to zero.
Right: after saving and reopening Glyphs file.

Which version of the app are you running?

2.3 (895)

The problem is that changing the grid does not reset the outline cache. Any change to the outline will reset it. I’ll see if I can fix that.

The problem is that the grid is set to 1 after opening a font which was designed with a grid setting of zero…