Opening a Glyphs 3 file in Glyphs 2

I worked on a file in Glyphs 3 but was only using the trial version which has now run out. Is there a way for me to open the file in Glyphs 2?

I know you can change the settings in Font Info but I can’t do that now that my trial has expired. I didn’t realise it wasn’t backwards compatible!

Any help appreciated!


You could try using FontMake to create UFO or TTF files, and then import these back into a Glyphs 2 project: GitHub - googlefonts/fontmake: Compile fonts from sources (UFO, Glyphs) to binary (OpenType, TrueType).. It may not preserve everything from your G3 file but it would probably give you some outlines to work with at least.

If you have access to another mac, you could install the Glyphs test version there and convert your file. In Font Info > Other, you can set the file version. If not, send me the file and I convert it for you.

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Unfortunately I don’t have access to another Mac. I’ll send you the file if that’s okay? Really appreciate the help :slight_smile: