Opening a specific TTF is very slow

Some fonts take forever to open in Glyphs. I don’t know what might be the reason in this specific case. The font is not large (1219 glyphs) but takes ~30 seconds to open in Glyphs, and during the opening, there is no indication that anything is happening at all.

spectral-regular.ttf (127.4 KB)

Once saved as .glyphs file, it opens in about 3 seconds.

Other TTFs are opened more or less instantaneously.

Can you try version 3.0.1-3039? That should be fixed.

Much faster indeed! Thank you.

Could you check the glyph “ringcomb” in the font attached to the first post? The inner contour is displayed solid, even if I run “Correct Path Direction” or set the directions manually.

That is probably a problem with the remove overlap code. But it works in my version, I seem to have fixed it.