Opening a Variable Font .ttf and getting all the masters?

Hi, I have misplaced, lost, deleted or am otherwise unable to find my .glyphs sources for a variable font. I still have the variable font .ttf and I am able to open it with Glyphs and get one of the masters but I wanted to know if there is a way to get the other master in there as well.

This file is set up with one axis (weight) made up of two masters.

Any tips? Thanks in advance!

Maybe important to mention: The master that shows up when I open the .ttf is the Light master, which was set up as the first master in my original .glyphs source files, so I am missing the second Master (Bold).

Not with Glyphs. But you can use a page like ABC Dinamo’s Font Gauntlet to create a static font from a variable font at any slider position. And then, you open that static font in Glyphs.

Try an FL6 demo, it saves Glyphs files.
but it seems hidden at first.
File > Profiles…
Activate Glyphs
Then export.

Seems like a good workaround, thanks!