Opening converted ufo file – ttf file has different metrics?

I decided to import an old font into Glyphs, and I thought I only had the ttf file. I opened the font file and everything looks fine.

But then I found the original vfb, converted it to ufo (using vfb2ufo). I found some differences in the ufo file compared to the ttf file. The first thing I noticed was the line spacing and the bounding box areas. The Font view seems to be clipping the glyphs (probably because the ascender metrics setting).

Here is a comparison of the info panels (ufo on the left, ttf on the right). The ttf looks more correct in terms of the metrics. Is either one more β€œcorrect”? Do you see any red flags in using the ufo file? The ufo file on the left seems to have different properties that I don’t quite understand.

Without seeing the outlines, it is difficult to tell what are the right values.

I would remove most of the custom parameters (in any case the metrics ones). Then measure your glyphs and set the default metrics accordingly.

Later you can fine tune the line spacing by adding some custom parameters. Read the vertical metrics tutorial for details.

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