Opening old files with 2.6

I just updated to the latest macosx, catalina (huge mistake, i know).
I couldn’t export anymore from the old software (no file was created).

So i had to update glyphsapp.

I did.

Now, everytime I open an old file, automatic alignments are all messed up.
Also, btw, it’s much slower than before.
I am working with a complex font, full of aligned components, and this thing is messing up my whole font. How to solve it? Is there a way to convert 2.4 files to 2.6 linearly, without changing alignments?

Read precisely what is written in the dialog. If you want to keep all components unaligned, check all and keep selected.

Dear mekkablue,

I read carefully, and tried both opening “with all checked”, and “with all unchecked”, but my file is being messed up anyway.

Here are some screens describing the disaster:
Preview of the file in 2.4
Screen with error message, opening with 2.6.~
Result with all unchecked
Result with all checked

What can I do? My files are too complex and important to redraw from scratch or try to fix manually.

Can you send me the .glyphs file?

Hi @GeorgSeifert
here you go:
(“sorry new users can’t upload files”)
Thank you!
It’s really a remarkable problem on this kind of component-based font.
Let me know.

Thanks for the file. I could fix this.
You really need to clean up your font. 550 extra layers in the “stamp” glyph alone.

Thank you @GeorgSeifert
Ok I didn’t know layers were a problem, I was using them as work-in-progress tools.
Although, I deleted all non-master layers from every glyph, and the problem appears identical?
Thank you

PS I believe it’s a problem of the interpretation of X, Y, -X, -Y and mirrored axis for the instances of components.
My subcomponents are 1 single component reflected three times on itself and that’s the part that gets lost.

The extra layers are not a problem. Just a bit too much to be useful.

I have fixed the problem in Glyphs.
For now, here is a fixed file: JA RS 2100 Alfa (187.5 KB)

thank you @GeorgSeifert, it works!

Do you maybe have suggestions for how to fix it next time? I have 20 other files like that.

As for the layers, that was a working files where we were “brainstorming” multiple solutions on this Alfa file, and we needed that, as we have 20 final versions, that became 20 different files. I normally use layers to sketch, etc. Would you suggest another method?

The next update will fix this. It will be out in the next couple days.