Opentype Features - MS word


I exported a OFT file using the 2.4.1 (942) version but MS Word does not recognize the opentype features.
The file works well on Glyphs and Adobe CC.

For a testing propose I created a file with a basic ligature using 2.41 version and it does not work as well, but I repeat the same process using a glyphs Version 1.4.4 (609) and it works. :frowning:

Any tips?

Word only recognizes a few features. And they need to be activated. Do you know how to do that? Which feature are you trying to get to work? And have you tried a TTF exported in Glyphs 2?

Yeah, TTF does not work as well. I’m using only the ‘liga’ feature and it is activate.

If I export the file created using Glyphs 1.44 on Glyphs 2.41 it works. Vice versa it does not.

Newer versions of Glyphs add a DSIG table to TTFs, which is necessary for Word to recognize OT features in the first place.

Can you send me the temp folder of the export from both versions? (you find the Temp Folder next to the Script folder that you can access from the Script Menu).

Hi Georg, here are the test files.

Hi, @mekkablue @GeorgSeifert

I just added the Prefix: languagesystem latn dflt; and it solved the problem.


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I have a problem in word too, and then you said
Prefix: languagesystem latn dflt; and it solved the problem.
Where I can find them?

The languagesystems prefix? In File > Font Info > Features, you can either manually add a prefix with the gear menu in the bottom left, or, better yet, simply click the Update button, and Glyphs will add an appropriate languagesystems entry for your font.

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Thank you for your help… IT REALLY WORKS!!!
Your solution make my day…
Thank you very much!!