Opentype-SVG color font export problem with quotedblleft


I’m just finishing my new color font family. I thought that everything was fine, but this one little error just can’t disappear. I have everything finished and wanted to send it to MyFonts, but this bug just won’t go away.

The problem is with “quotedblleft”. It exports incorrectly. Just to explain: this is a color font that I will offer as separate layers and also as an OpenType-SVG color font. In the normal layer-fonts (non-colour) everything is fine, but when it comes to the color font, which I export as an instance with custom parameter “Color Layers to SVG”, the spacing is messed up. The quotedblleft is shifted to the left and it falls off its left side bearing. I attach a screenshot below. It happens only to quotedblleft and only in the OpenType-SVG color fonts. I tried deleting quotedblleft and making a new one.

Please help me, it’s really frustrating.

Can you send me the file?

I sent you, thanks.

@GeorgSeifert Alright, I decomposed all components inside quotedblleft and it’s ok now, but I wonder why…

Thanks for the file. There was a problem with the SVG export and nested components. I fixed it.