Optimized 64-bit app? Mojave compatibility


Since upgrading to Mojave, I’ve been getting the notifications for apps that are 32-bit. It appears it’s fine to keep using the app as is (for now), but just wondering if there’s plans to update to 64-bit or if it will stay at 32. Apple says with Mojave they will push a notification every 30 days now. And also that 32-bit apps will not work with future versions of macOS.


"Glyphs-2 not optimized for this Mac"

The message is due to some helper tools that Glyphs uses. Expect that Glyphs will continue to work in future versions of macOS.

Ref: @GeorgSeifert’s response in another thread: Glyphs needs updates


Ah, got it, thanks @composerjk … searched before I posted but didn’t see that one.


Is this a valid answer for the same “problem” in Glyphs Mini?