Option key not working

It seems to me that the Option Key does not work with my mini-version. I don’t see the alternative menu items by pressing the Option Key.

Is it expected?

In particular this is preventing me to copy a glyph from one font to another font.

Thanks! Ciao!

What menu item do you mean?


But what item don’t work because of the not working Option key?

When I press Option the items don’t change

You don’t see the tool icon change in Glyphs Mini.

But what item do you expect to change?

Okay, thank you!

What Georg is referring to:

  • pressing the Opt key does not do any tool switching
  • you can temporarily switch to a different tool with the Cmd key (Edit) or space bar (Hand) or Ctrl-Opt-Cmd (Measure): in Glyphs 3, the temporary tool will be indicated in the tool bar, but not in Mini (I believe this is what you meant?)
  • a tool icon that holds multiple tools, can switch through the tools either by clicking and holding, or by Shift+shortcut key; e.g. Shift-V will switch between Lasso and regular Select tool. In Adobe Illustrator you can switch through a tool stack by Opt-clicking on it (perhaps you meant this?) but not in Glyphs.

@mekkablue Thanks for your clear answer!

I am totally new to Glyphs so maybe I was doing something wrong.
I just wanted to do a “Paste special” to replace certain glyphs (latin base and latin west Europe). However I copied the glyphs one by one…

Let me say that Glyphs looks fantastic! Loving this app on Mac!