Option to increase GUI font size

Is there any chance that you would consider an option to increase the font size used in the Glyphs GUI by e.g. the Info box and the Measurement Tool. Am I the only one to find this uncomfortably small to read? It may be because I choose to sit quite a way back from my monitor, and it’s true that it is not such a problem on the MacBook, but on the desktop it is a constant strain.

The same applies to most measurement plugins. I realise that I cannot expect custom font sizes from everyone, but at least with plugins there is the option of editing the scripts.
Many thanks, Nick

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Some type sizes (not the info box though) react to the node size setting in Preferences > User Settings.

Thanks Rainer. I have the node size set to big already, and as you imply yourself that does not really address the issue. Is this something you and Georg might find time to consider?

Yes. It has been on our list.

I hope this also includes the size of type in the Features tab of the Information panel? If not, could you please add this as a feature request.

That is possible already. Run this in the macro panel:

Glyphs.defaults["MacroCodeFontSize"] = 20

I find especially the measurement numbers frustratingly hard to read.

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