Ordering the Adobe menu by width

Hi, I’m working on a big family with 9 weights and 9 widths. I’m adding a familyName Custom Parameter to name all the fonts in a single file, but in the end the name of the widths are in alphabetical order. I would like to know if there is any way to sort the menu by width, starting from Ultra Condensed (1) to Ultra Expanded (9). I’m checking this tutorial from the website:


But so far I think I’m missing some important detail, because I can’t order it correctly for more than I tried.

I would expect the menu to have this following order (a summary version):

fontName UltraCondensed Thin
fontName UltraCondensed ExtraLight
fontName UltraCondensed Light
fontName UltraCondensed Regular
fontName UltraCondensed Medium
fontName UltraCondensed SemiBold
fontName UltraCondensed ExtraBold
fontName UltraCondensed Black

… ( here would be the Extra Condensed, Condensed and Semi Condensed versions) …

fontName Normal Thin
fontName Normal ExtraLight
fontName Normal Light
fontName Normal Regular
fontName Normal Medium
fontName Normal SemiBold
fontName Normal ExtraBold
fontName Normal Black

… ( here would be the Semi Expanded, Expanded and Extra Expanded versions) …

fontName UltraExpanded Thin
fontName UltraExpanded ExtraLight
fontName UltraExpanded Light
fontName UltraExpanded Regular
fontName UltraExpanded Medium
fontName UltraExpanded SemiBold
fontName UltraExpanded ExtraBold
fontName UltraExpanded Black

If anyone has any idea how to make this order I would appreciate it.
Many thanks for the help!