Oriya GSub and GPos

Hi there,

Below is a test demonstrating the Oriya typeface I am working on. Two clusters are highlighted in pink; those are not making sense to me. In both case, the last sign (an above vowel mark) should sit on top of the last full height glyph. I have placed anchors to allow this to happen… but it is not. These two occurrences are the only ones where the substitution/reordering/positioning is not happening.

As a reference, here is the same test set with Nirmala UI. This is how the above vowel marks should be seen.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. I cannot get my head around it!
Thank you!


I answered you email a few days ago. I need the .glyphs file to tell you more.

Oh I see it now… your email went directly to my spam box somehow. I send you then the file and sample text right away. Thank you!

Two problems.
First, you named the mark “iMatraRakar-oriya” and Glyphs doesn’t know anything about this glyph. Either you change the name to “iMatra_rakar-oriya” or manually set the category/subcategory to “Mark/Nonspacing” (I would suggest to use the first solution).

Then the “ta_ta-oriya” misses a “top” anchor. Just press cmd+U and adjust the position.

Thanks for looking into that! I adjust those two things then.

I just had another look. The anchors might need some more systematisation – in your file and in the GlyphData.

And there are several more glyph with invalid glyph names. Please deactivate the glyphOrder parameter (and run "Glyph > Update Glyph Info) for one glyphs. Then have a look at the “Other” group in font view. All those might need a different name (except the ones that are only used as components).

Yes, as I changed the ‘iMatra_rakar-oriya’, I started changing the other ones related… I will modify the names accordingly to the GlyphData.

Did you also look at the ‘aiMatra-oriya’ issue?

The “aiMatra-oriya” is decomposed into “eMatra-oriya” and “aiLength-oriya”. The later is specified as “Spacing” in the GlyphData. That is a mistake and I fixed it. For now, manually set it to “Nonspacing”.

Alright! Thank you!