OT bug report error

I sometimes have duplicate features, for example two LOCL features, built in different ways, so that I can disable one or the other and see which works best. Unfortunately when there’s an error compiling either of them, the ‘Show’ button takes me to the first LOCL feature in the list, even if the error is not there.

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Likewise, Glyphs has problems diagnosing OT problems in prefixes, and in the dist/mark/mkmk features if glyph names have bugs. Compiling doesn’t catch errors in any of those.

Can you send us a sample file that exhibits that behaviour?

I’ve fixed the errors in my current file. Try this, in a new font without an A.alt glyph:

Screenshot 2020-12-03 at 09.53.51

I don’t get any error when compiling, same rule in all three features (no # Automatic Code End in DIST)

Bendy, just to be sure: is this Glyphs 2.* you’re talking about? (I’m assuming this from the screenshot.) Please let me know if you’re experiencing those issues in Glyphs 3 as well :slight_smile:

Yes, Glyphs 2. I haven’t upgraded to 3 yet, and this project has to be completed in G2

The error reporting is done by makeOTF and I can’t fix that.