OT feature problem

I am create OT feature in my new font design called rlig (Raised punctuation). After installation of the font in Adobe Fonts folder i have unexpected result: the feature work perfectly in InDesign application but it doesn’t work in Adobe Illustrator. Some help or similar experience?

This is OT feature definition:

feature rlig { # Raised Punctuation
    sub @Lowercase @Punctuation' by @Punctuation.up;    
} rlig;

Illustrator doesn’t support the rlig feature. ;(

Thank you George. I have same font generated before 1 year in FLS 5 and this feature work in Illustrator. (please see the picture). I don’t understand where is the problem?

Are you sure the substitution is in rlig? And not in calt (this is where I would put a substitution like this.

Thank you Georg. You are right. I just open old otf, copy the rsig feature and paste the feature in Glyphs features panel.

I am totally confused now. I really don’t have an idea how i can solve this.

I meant that you should put it into calt and not in rlig.

And remove the feature rlig { and } rlig; lines from the feature code. Only keep the sub @Lowercase ….

Thank you Georg. Problem was solved.


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