OT: Thoughts on the Mac Mini?

Been thinking about getting an extra computer, been eyeing the Mac mini, with the following pros and cons,

  • Can change parts (monitor, keyboard, etc)
  • More powerful
  • Not portable
  • no trackpad, speakers

any thoughts, experiences?

Short lifespan (in years), prone to overheating. You can find more good info at macrumors.com in the forums.

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I have a macMini from 2012 and it is still in use (not by me). I use an iMac and a MacBook Pro. Both can’t be upgraded and use very similar components.
I never heard of any specific heat problems with the latest models.
The question is about you needing a desktop or a mobile computer. Or get both?
You can use a MacBook with an external mouse and keyboard if you need to have parts :wink:
The speed difference between a MacMini and a MacBooks Pro are probably not that big (they use similar CPUs).

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Good point, my need is for a Desktop, and realized the Webcam is a must, which would be an extra dongle if I went with the Mac mini.
Now, I hadn’t thought about the iMac, but now that you mention it, it covers all bases. Had one eons ago, and I’ve seen the latest models now come with some pretty impressive specs.
Time to take a look at the Apple store, online!


I wouldn’t use one for editing 4K video but for type design and graphic design they’re ample. And you get to keep your expensive display instead of having to buy a new one when you replace your iMac.

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