OTF Glyph Limitations?


I am creating a little side project in which I create a font where every character is the same black rectangle. I thought it might be ironic if I added every glyph I could from every script/language. I realized that I had over 35000 glyphs and wasn’t even done yet. Is there a technical limitation for number of glyphs an OTF font can have?

65,535. As of Unicode version 15.0, there are 149,186 characters with code points, covering 161 modern and historical scripts, as well as multiple symbol sets.

So the point of your font is…?

The point of my font is to be funny, mostly. If I need to make redacted text in a poster or school project, I can just use this font. The reason for the extra characters is purely humor.

You can save yourself a lot of work by making a font consisting of only the .notdef glyph, with a black rectangle drawn in it.

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Here is an all-black-rectangles font with the additional trick of using the specialized cmap subtable format 13 to cover all Unicode code points:

Redacted.ttf (1004 Bytes)