OTF.glyphsFileFormat supposedly slowing down the start of Glyphs

I’ll assume this is a one-time thing, considering the fact that the popup appeared after a restart following the shutdown of my MacBook due to low battery (where Glyphs reopened a document I was working with). I regardless thought it might be worth reporting (even though this is the only time I’ve seen this popup).

Thanks for the report.

The popup is back. Once again appearing after the reopening of a document closed by a shutdown.

I am getting the message too, now and then.


All I know is that the plugin is a package in the Glyph.app package and that all the files of the plugin have the date of 15 March 2019 which is the date I updated Glyphs to 1219. Glyphs tells me it slows down the start, which slows down the start. Does it always slows down the start? Does it only slow down the start when there is a pop-up telling me it slows down?

Glyphs checks the time each plugin takes to initialise and warns when it takes longer then 2.5 s. That shouldn’t happen with build in plugins but if with slower machines or then the mac is very busy when you start Glyphs, it can occur.

That explains. My Mac Mini has become quite slow from recent updates and fixes from Apple. So this is simply part of being punished by Apple for not spending enough on hardware to run all the advanced OS features that I don’t need to get my work done ;-(


Start the mac with Shift key pressed. Once you reach the login screen it should say “Save Mode” in red in the corners of the screen. Don’t log in but restart directly from there. That might improve performance a tiny bit. Do that every few months.

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