OTVar features in Glyphs 3

Congrats for the launch!

I’m exploring the new possibilities and I discovered the rvrn feature.
I wondered if the syntax you are using:

condition 500 < wght < 1000;

is an opentype standard or if it is only meant to be used in glyph?

There are no OpenType standards regarding to the way you write uncompiled feature code, just various conventions. The OT specification regulates the way the compiled binary is built. We are staying close to the AFDKO convention, but the condition keyword is our own addition.

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And don’t use the rvrn feature for feature variations. The description sounds like it is reserved for this but you can use any feature (I suggest rlig). The problem with rvrn is that it is applied very early, before all other GSUB. So you can’t do variations for substituted glyphs.

Ho ok!

Then it would be great to have the possibility to add a ‘blank’ general feature that runs before all other features. It seems a bit messy to me to add these opentype features in a not related feature no?

Why would you want to run anything before anything else? Thats what the rvrn is for.